Builder/Developer Planning Assistance

Today, builders and developers recognize the value of advice from professional architects or interior designers and how it helps them to attract more buyers to their projects, make faster sales and secure larger profits.

At Furniture Connection, we can help you in many ways:

1) Advice on room layout, functionality, ergonomics
2) Finishing package choices (floor, walls, plumbing, lighting, hardware, etc.)
3) Landscaping plan
4) Color Consultations
5) Staging/showcasing
6) Professional Photos

What are the benefits?

1. You achieve a balanced look for your customer, with all the finishing materials, lighting etc. coordinated for the greatest appeal and with the final furniture placements in mind
2. Your project will be "looked at" through the eyes of a buyer. We know exactly where and what type of furniture should be used. We know what style and position of lighting will make the rooms function properly and create an appealing atmosphere.
3. We save you time in searching for materials and brands. The whole finishing package will be planned at the initial construction stage.
4. You have designer's advice without designer's fees. Our Staging Professionals know how to style a room to address what the buyer needs to see; how to highlight the best features of the house; and how to minimize its less desirable attributes. Our Stagers also know how to maximize space by using the correct placement of color, lighting and art.