Staging Consultation

A staging consultation is designed to give you all of the tools you need to prepare your property for sale.

For many people, it is difficult to view their home with fresh eyes, and to pick out every flaw or anything that may turn off a buyer. A staging consultant is a person who has the education, knowledge, experience and talent that is required to prepare your house for sale. Our goal is to help you to sell your house fast, and to get the best possible price.

Our qualified consultalt will visit the property and go over what can be done to improve the appearance of property, and find better ways to market it. The process of your consultation starts outside your property and goes through each and every corner of your house. We will assess the curb appeal, required repairs, possible changes in paint colour, de-cluttering, organizing, what belongings or furniture to store, and the d├ęcor and furniture arrangement.

This service includes approximately two hours of time with our staging professional. After the walkthrough has been completed, you will receive a written report and task list that details the steps that must be taken to present the property at its best. After you have had a chance to review the report, we will discuss the recommended plan of action, and you may choose to either do the work outlined on your own, or to hire a staging professional or other contractors to handle the project.

The staging consultation is ideal for occupied properties, or for clients who are on a budget. For many of our clients, a staging consultation is all that they need to get on the right track to strong listing.

Staging Consultation : $250. *Surchage may apply to properties outside of Calgary city limits.

When is the best time to have a staging consultation done? A property receives the most traffic during its first two weeks on the MLS. Book your staging consultation before you put your house on the market so that you can present your house at its best, and make a strong first impression!

My house is vacant. Do I need a staging consultation? Staging Consultations are most effective in occupied properties. If you have a vacant property, contact us to request a free quote for stasging. We also offer colour consultation services if you are interested in updating your home. Please visit the colour consultation section.