Colour Consultation

Successful color solutions for interiors and exteriors.

Whether you are building a house or renovating it, eventually you will need to sell it and it will become a product as any other products at the market.

In order to sell it fast and with good return you need to think of every small detail to impress a potential buyer, you need to appeal to all five senses of people going through the property. Wall colors, floor colors are the ones that stay and are not easy to change, like for example, d├ęcor or upholstery colors.

Color is one of the most important elements in creating interior spaces that reflect mood and style. It can also make an exterior of a building come alive. The wrong color can make a great product fail; the right color can make a product succeed.

Color is personal. The colors we choose speak who we are, we express ourselves through color. But when it comes to selling a property, the goal is rather to neutralize a space, get rid of anything personal and make a place appealing to the broadest auditory.

Changing the color is one of the most popular recommendations by professional stagers to homeowners. Why? Color is subliminally persuasive force. It captures attention, relaxes or irritates the eyes, and sends a powerful message. It affects our body, taste, smell, appetite, and emotions.

You want buyers to connect emotionally with you house, and one of the ways to make that happen is through the use of color.

A successful color is not a matter of chance. It's a science. So don't let the colors of your house become a turn-away feature for potential buyers, call for our professional color consultation today!

Let us guide you in finding the best palette for your project!